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When something happens with the bathroom plumbing in your Allen or McKinney home, it can disrupt the entire household. Whether you have spotted a plumbing leak, your toilet is clogged, a faucet is dripping, your water pressure is low, or you notice an unpleasant odor, our team at JMP Plumbing Services can help.

We offer everything from plumbing, toilet, and faucet repairs to drain cleaning, clog removal, and fixture replacement. Our family-owned company has been serving the Allen, McKinney and Plano areas since 2009, and with over 25 years of professional plumbing experience, you can count on us for reliable plumbing services that are backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

Bathroom Sink Repair & Replacement in McKinney, TX

How can we help? Not only is a leaking, clogged, or damaged bathroom sink inconvenient, it can also cause water damage to the surrounding cabinets and walls. At JMP Plumbing Services, we offer bathroom sink repair and replacement, as well as faucet repairs and replacement. Our team can help with any bathroom sink problem you may find, including:

To get your bathroom sink working properly again, call 469-337-3725 or contact us online to schedule leak detection repairs in Mckinney, TX or the surrounding communities today!


Toilet Repair in McKinney, TX

Is your toilet loud or running constantly? Is it not flushing correctly or leaking at the base? No matter the problem, you can count on our team at Princeton Plumbing for help with all your toilet repair or replacement needs. Our expert plumbers can help with:

For help with a damaged, clogged, or plumbing remodeling toilets in the Mckinney area, call 469-337-3725 or contact us online. We offer fast service, fair prices, and professional results!


Shower Leak Repair & Replacement in Mckinney, TX

When you have a problem with your shower, talk to our experts at JMP Plumbing Services. Whether you have a leaking shower pan, a faulty mixing valve, or low pressure at the shower head, our experts can help. We offer shower leak repair, faucet repair, new shower installations, drain cleaning, and more.

Make sure you can enjoy a nice shower after work with plumbing repairs from Princeton Plumbing. Call 469-337-3725 or visit us online to schedule shower repairs today!


Tub Leak Repair & Replacement in Mckinney, TX

Damaged or leaking bathtubs can cause extensive water damage, structural problems, mold growth, and more. When you need a tub leak repair, a new tub installation, or help with a clogged tub drain, call our team at JMP Plumbing Services. We are happy to help with all your bathroom plumbing needs, including tub replacement and repair, faucet repairs, diverter valve repairs, and more.

Call us today at 469-337-3725 or contact us online to schedule tub repair or replacement anywhere in the Mckinney, TX areas!