My Toilet Overflowing?


How To Find The Root Cause

Plumbing issues can be tricky. You might see water in one place, but the real problem may be somewhere else.

Washing Machine Causing a Toilet to Overflow

One of our customers called us out because when they ran their washing machine, a toilet overflowed. They called us in to figure out what was happening.


What Flushing The Toilet Can Tell Us

We started by flushing the toilet a few times. Flushing your toilet can give us a lot of information. This toilet backed up after only two or three flushes. That told us there was probably a blockage close by in the house. If your toilet backs up after seven or eight flushes, your blockage is probably further out in the yard.

Why We Pulled The Toilet


Our next step was to pull out the toilet. Once we did that we were able to see that, yes, it was retaining water. (It also had a leaking angle stop, so we would have to replace that.) Next, we went outside to check the clean-out caps. We did not find any water under the caps, which meant there was a stoppage underneath the house.

How We Fixed The Blockage


Once we knew there was a blockage under the house, we sent our cable down the line to clear it. Often this is enough to clear the blockage and let water flow again. If we can’t get past the stoppage, we send a camera down to give us a better idea of what’s going on down there.

As you can see, water in one place may mean you have a blockage in a completely different place. Our customer’s issue did not have anything to do with their washing machine, even though running the washer is how they found the problem.

Your Next Step

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