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When the bathroom or kitchen has been looking tired and dull, it may be time to give it a change. By supplying customized plumbing remodeling in McKinney TX, our technicians at JMP Plumbing Services aim to completely satisfy our customers. We go the extra mile to provide quality solutions that result in more stylish, functional spaces.

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How Long Does Plumbing Remodel Take?

The answer to this question greatly depends on what kind of renovations are taking place. For instance, in a partial remodel, one may only be getting replacements or upgrades for small fixtures. This might take anywhere between two to four days, depending on whether the sink, toilet, or the tub needs work. A shower or bathtub can take longer as well if the materials are fragile and need special support in delivery.

A full bathroom remodel usually takes at least three to four weeks to complete. This is because there is a lot more involved such as the partial or full replacement of piping. In addition to the complicated work of installing a water line or drain, plumbers must take care not to disturb current systems. Electrical wiring, gas lines, and other existing pipes especially need to be accounted for. Otherwise, you could find yourself without essential services for a long time.

Determining Whether Fixtures Need to Be Replaced

Few people want to replace their fixtures, or any other part of the plumbing if these parts are still usable. However, when too many repairs occur in a short period of time, it becomes more efficient to replace the fixtures entirely. To determine whether a plumbing system needs remodeling, there are some key signs to look out for. Fixtures replacements should be scheduled when:

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