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Most Requested Kitchen Plumbing Repair In Dallas Include

Kitchen Sinks And Faucets

Leaky drains and leaky faucets are the two most common kitchen plumbing problems:


are usually sealed with plumbing putty; it simply deteriorates over time and with use. The contact point where two drainpipes meet is also vulnerable to leaks. Sometimes you can DIY by tightening the bolts connecting the two pipes. If we can re-putty your drain and add a few more years of life, we will. But when a drain is old and worn out, it’s best to replace it.

Faucet Leaks

are usually easy; we replace a worn-out gasket, O-ring, or washer. But with some newly designed faucets, leaks require replacing the fixture itself. The valve seat (between the valve and the faucet) is another vulnerable area that can cause faucet leaks.

Kitchen Clogs

Before you tackle a slow drain with your store-bought plumber’s helper, contact your local plumber to unclog your kitchen sink. Commercial drain cleaners are dangerous to your family, your property, and our environment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns against using these and other harsh chemicals in your home.

Most homeowners simply don’t have the proper equipment to do an environmentally safe, proper drain cleaning. Even if you rent the tools, you run the risk of making the clog worse while damaging your sink and pipes.

Every homeowner needs sink and faucet repair and/or installation at some point. Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it. Professional drain cleaning by JMP Plumbing Services is easy and affordable.

Garbage Disposal Installation/ Repair in Mckinney, TX

Your kitchen garbage disposal is a much-appreciated appliance; you really miss it when it breaks or clogs! Taking care of your garbage disposal can add years of life to this valuable kitchen aid:

Clean your disposal once a week

Combine baking soda and vinegar for a good cleanser; you can run a few ice cubes through it to “sharpen the blades,” but it isn’t necessary.

Don’t add the wrong items

Clogs are caused by stringy, fibrous foods, like banana/potato peels. If you put bread, pasta, or rice down your disposal, run water for additional time to make sure it evacuates; these foods frequently cause clogging.

Avoid certain foods completely

When you need garbage disposal repair, replacement, or new installation, call 469-337-3725.  JMP Plumbing Services will make sure it’s connected to the correct power source as well as integrated properly with your kitchen’s plumbing system!